•   over 5 years ago

ETHChallenge- Code and Concept Redistribution

EthChallenge is a code and concept redistribution game for expanding on the concepts started and not completed or being sunsetted at the hottest hackathons around the world. 2% of the eshares cap table of ETHChallenge.com are donated onchain to the Ethereum Foundation or High Impact programs of your choice. We are looking at creating a distributed autonomous game/challenge that helps educate and engage others through gamification and collaboration in fun, rewarding and community owned ventures. Created during the hack, we were curious to find out more about the other hacks being built during ETHDENVER. The judges had a hard time, ETHChallenge believes the crowd vote and involvement is needed and would like to learn about the other concepts available for others to join and CONTRIBute. If you have code and a concept, please share/donate it with ETHCHallenge and lets see if some other hackers could expand on it and continue to grow with your code and concepts.. We have 5 categories and expanding that over time. More details..Its alpha game concept and any feedback is appreciated. thanks, chad@ecorp.com


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